What is this?!

Greeting! This is my personal blog. My name is Vadim. I engineer software for a living and as a hobby.
I plan to have both technical and non-technical notes on the blog. I also plan to have some fun and to grump a little. Though not as much as people on Grumpy Website. Future will tell how this blog will turn out. I would love if you subsribe to new posts via RSS. RSS is great and it gives you freedom.

Views expressed on this blog are my personal views. If you do not agree or do not like them there is one easy solution. You could pass by and forget about this place. Otherwise I hope you will enjoy the blog.

You can reach me via e-mail mail@vadimfrolov.com. Here is a short list of my profiles:

This blog is powered by Ghost. I plan to write a separate post about the search for a good blogging platform/engine (and to move away from Ghost).