Farewell Gitlab

Farewell Gitlab

I like to look at different options. Github is not my default go-to solution for git. I used Gitlab, Bitbucket and even bare minimum systems that look like git2web (KDE, NemoMobile).

I have one project at Gitlab that consist of 3 repos. Recently I was not able to push anything to the main one of these repos. It was an internal error 500 related to a re-received hook.

Of course, I tried to research the solution, but the error message lacked any details and error code 500 was very generic. The internet is full of errors 500 for gitlab.

Since I am on a free tier, I can't really complain. It's been working for years, it still does for my other repos. But I find myself in situation when I do not want to spend a week debugging why something broke in some random tech stack.

Luckily, my project is a one-man. I simply moved the code to GitHub. Had to update integrations and deployments, bring on recorded issues. Readthedocs integration still complains, but seem to work.

Thank you Gitlab! Time to check out Github.